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Buster Bros

How was the Buster Bros designed


The answer is Nostalgia

For several years now, I had been watching my little brothers and sisters in the living room of the family home, playing for hours with our wooden toys

Thinking of these moments was good for me, reminding me of my carefree childhood. I built railway tracks, I organized races of cars … outside and inside.

And then, I looked at my son’s toys, those that I bought for him, and I realized that the emotion that we put into our games at the time … was not the same.

Is it because today’s games are plastic? Because they are less about play and quality, more about mass production? I do not know.

I understood that I wanted to create toys that would last the test of time, like those that our parents knew, beautiful wooden toys, robust and durable.

I like beautiful things, design objects and wood. I created the range of Buster Bros… a nod to my carefree childhood.


Values, tradition, modernity…

Buster Bros mix traditional and modern values.


The choice of wood, material of our childhood, to compose the structure of the carriers.

Resistant, noble, robust and ecological material, soft to the touch and much more resistant than plastic.

Wood objects are passed on from generation to generation and carry with them all the best childhood memories.



The modernity of Buster Bros is to awaken the tradition of the wooden toy by a very classy contemporary design inspired by beautiful American cars.

The design is new but is inspired by American cars of the 1930s-50s.

Remember those shiny, amazing, comfortable cars that made you want to hit the road to discover the world.



We tend to associate design with expensive and dysfunctional objects.

It is thought that the beautiful design is not at the service of the product, making it fragile, unreliable or dangerous to use.

The design of the wooden car is designed for your child to ride safely.

No seat back that hinders the passage of the legs.

No seat too wide that would put the child in an uncomfortable or risky position.

For excellent stability and unrivalled glide, the wheels are equipped with ball bearings..



The Buster Bros wooden carrier is painted with a non-toxic water paint that does not pollute.

An ecological choice of common sense for the respect of children’s health.

To offer a Bros Buster to your child is to offer pleasure, fun and enjoyment.

  • … Teach them the love of beautiful things and a respect for traditional toys
  • … Give you an object that decorates your house, even when your child is not playing
  • .. It will entertain both little girls and little boys
  • … We love the idea that this toy will be passed on to future generations
  • … Helps you immerse yourself in your own childhood and awaken memories
  • … Makes an original and unique gift that will please every time
  • … Builds self-confidence and independence in your child
  • … Opens an awareness of the world and a field of possibilities
  • …Offer a crafted gift, made in small series





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